Sunday is our day of Worship?


As we attend worship service, what is the chief issue you must embrace? 

In order to honor our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ; He must be first!

We cannot effectively honor Him in our Soulish ways!  Remember his ways and thoughts are higher than our thoughts, therefore we here to mature and grow.  Most times we attend service to honor the Lord according to our traditions and customs of our flesh.  Do you understand that Jesus had to rebuke the religious crowds because of their flawed ways!

It is time for the body of Christ is to embrace God’s word and give close attention to His order to embrace Christ Church.  It’s not an option; we must worship him in spirit and truth.  According to Matthew 6:33, God said,

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and He will add to your needs according to his riches in glory!” 

As mature members of the body of Christ, we must take time with prayer and know and understand God’s order found in this scripture. 

The word is “First”, is a very critical word found in Matt. 6:33!  This word calls for the order of God!   Its Father’s mandate is that the believer to seek him first.  The first reason for worship is for God to build his word in us, secondly establish his sons and to be planted and flourishing in Christ.  Putting the Word of God first means eternal life, and a prosperous life.  All the other reasons for church service are secondary!  It is so easy to choose a church when the word is not your primary purpose, but having a choir, a good musician and a large congregation is not required.  All of these are secondary issues help you to make an improper selection.

This is in violation of the Father’s order!  As you reconsider Matthew 6:33!  This tells us, without the Truth [Christ Word], we can do nothing.  You might be going through the motions but flesh and blood cannot inheritage the kingdom of God!  Please review God’s Word for divine order; it’s helpful.