There was something posted on Facebook that went something like this:

  Forgiveness means forgiving that person for what was done to you, But you don’t have to allow that person in your life anymore.

I have read that before and there are different versions of that out there, but similar.  This time I had the same mode of agreement in my heart with it, as I have before. But immediately after I agreed in my heart the Father said, "That is not of Me."  My mouth dropped open and I took a breath waiting for His next words, which were:

Forgiveness is loving that person that has hurt and done evil against you showing it by your embracing and loving them as I would. As if they never sinned against you, allowing them in your life as if nothing ever happened, and allowing my "reflected" love to prove that it never happened. You must be able to embrace that person as if you have no knowledge of what happened.

To not be able to do this, is to show that you are not of me, and you yourself are not forgiven of your sins.


As I heard this, I saw ministers of the gospel drawing their last breath, and as if they were in an assembly line, being told depart from me you worker of iniquity, stepping forward off a cliff they did not see falling into something I could only describe as 'burning flames'. These were not people I knew personally, but I knew they were ministers. I was in tears and at the same time afraid and frantically searching my heart.

These quotes out there about forgiveness are mostly rooted in soulish ideas and fake, superficial forgiveness that makes the person that posts them look good in the eyes of man. They are used as excuses, actually to not 'completely' forgive, but to justify their behavior which is not acceptable in the eyes of The Father.

The Father made it clear to me: 

no sin against us is unforgivable by us. We have to stop walking in lip service.

Agape must be a light ...

and example in this area. no more pretending.

Mark 11: 26
But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.

Forgive is Aphiemi in the Greek. One of the meanings is:

to let go, disregard, to omit or give up a debt.

What if Jesus had not forgiven our debt?

We would never be able to pay it.

In Matthew chapter 18 verses 23-33:

  • David had good reasons to not forgive.
  • Joseph had excellent reasons to not forgive.
  • Jesus had the best reason to not forgive, for he knew no sin.

In Luke chapter 23 verse 34:

Jesus said, Father forgive them they know not what they do.


- Pastor Hugh King