Agape Worship Center

Agape Worship Center is a nondenominational mandated by God to herald the transforming power of life in Jesus Christ.

Agape Worship Center is an epicenter with a global focus on training and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, thereby empowering the Church, the Body of Christ, to impact lives at every level; including governments and nations.

Agape Worship Center is making ready a people (Luke 1:17) prepared for the Lord. We embrace the spirit of accuracy to present the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and to instill biblical patters of leadership and maturity into all believers.

Our Mission

  • Equip leaders in the ministry of healing, five-fold ministry, and restoration through seminars, conferences, developing relationships, and mentoring sons.
  • Establishing the foundation of the apostolic and prophetic ministry for leaders to have a safe haven to receive ministry.
  • Extend ministry focus to the community and the nations, restoring what was taken by the canker work, the palmerworm, the locust, and the caterpillar!
  • Encourage leaders to push beyond themselves to develop strong relationships within and without the body of Christ, demonstrating transparency, humility, and agape love for one another.
  • Entreat leaders to develop a strong sense of apostolic-prophetic intercessory warfare prayer, motivated by love, praying for families, especially for all leaders.

Our Vision

In October 1987, the Word of the Lord came to me in a night vision instructing me to go to the North Country and establish a ministry in that land. I saw the unfolding plan of God as I looked upon his faceless servants, being washed by the water of the Word. In the vision, I was ministering the word of God to His servants who were harnessed in their seats and covered in the glorious could of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I saw myself instructing, preaching, and teaching His people that we are apostolic-prophetic sons that are being purified by the logos/rhema of God. As the word of God was being heralded, I began to see the borders of the church extend far beyond sight! It was a church without walls; one that seemed to cover the earth. The message of the Kingdom of God was being downloaded into earthen vessels and flowing far beyond the walls of the building.

This End-Time Vision portrays the spiritual order of the New Testament Church, designed by God and purposed to mentor and equip the saints to be established in present truth. We are committed to Ephesians 4:11-13, to the equipping of the saints, the work of the ministry, and to the edifying of the body of Christ by the Father's divine love, worship, prayer and His authority to send out workers into the harvest.

Our goal is to purify the heart of God's sons, as we pilgrimage to Mt. Zion, even to spiritual immortality. As we journey we witness the cloud of glory in this city and in the nations. We are called to train, to resource and bless the nations [all ethnic groups] of the world.

-Leon Brown, Apostle and Founder of Agape Worship Center