Preacher, Preacher!


As God’s genuine-authentic leader in the pulpit, you have been called to love Jesus, and to properly feed His sheep! 

Therefore, we must know that God’s lambs and sheep are highly prized and valued in the heart of the Lord.  Remember, this leadership call is to spiritually embrace and feed God’s sheep and lambs.  It is very important and highly sacred that Christ’s agape love [unconditional love] must be resident and manifested in the preacher’s heart. 

This was the third time that Simon was addressed!  The son of Jonas, do you love me?  The number [3] spiritually means complete and final! - John 21:16-17

In view of this fact, you must give an account of your stewardship!  God is holding his leaders accountable to a higher level of responsibility concerning his flock. 

As an ambassador of Christ, your God given burden is preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God!  Only the Father calls and qualifies the preacher by pouring into them, his burden to preach the Kingdom of God. 

As I repeat myself; “Preacher, preacher”, you must have his burden clearly resident in your heart, the KINGDOM OF GOD message!  Furthermore, this call must in your prophetic register.  You have been harnessed by the Lord to reach God’s people by his love and power!  Remember, this appointed ministry of the Father comes to you either by revelation, rhema or by God’s Vision.  How can you preach, except he sent you, and how can they hear with out a preacher?  You must continue to validate your walk with the Lord.

- Apostle Leon Brown