Forgiveness: Joseph, Moses, David and Paul


These are the servants of the most high; even unspoken but these patriots were after God’s own heart!  As servants of God, such spiritual positions invite, attract and attack us with the works of darkness!  Yet, we have the steadfast promises of God for an abundant fruitful future.

We must know and understand that to serve God and to possess his promises, this causes Satan to rise up against us.  John says, “because as he is, so are we in this world.”  You must also know the fact that spiritual warfare has been set in concrete so to speak, against your life.  The Bible says as a witness to you, he is an accuser against the brethren.  Satan has risen up to attack your soul [feelings and emotions] and to discourage you and even to blot out the very plans that the Father has laid in your heart. But God yet remains faithful, as you stay connected to him!

At such a young age, you didn’t understand the time of His visitation!  God visited you, with a special calling and given you a permanent assignment.  Sin does not and cannot change His promises!  Remember, the Father says that,

“ I am God and I change not!”  God comes to us at an early time in our life to predestinate his chosen plan and future for you. God is faithful, he loves you and you belong to him.  He has designated you to stand in the gap [given assignment] as an ambassador for Him. 

At an early age, Joseph in the Old Testament received his assignment as a dreamer; a teen with a "kingdom" callings and a special journey to represent the Father.  At the same time, Satan has set up strategies to cancel this God given assignment.  The Kingdom principle is that the Father says yes to you and your accuser!  Other words, God has called you with an assignment and then He turns and tells Pharaoh [Satan] to hinder and stop this promise.

Moses, David and Paul [loyalists of God]; one was known, as a man after God’s own heart.  Paul, [Saul], known temporary as a wretched man!  These three men were murderers, however, God used these men in the earth to represent Him.

Forgiveness and repentance is God's great promise to you; in order for grace to abound.

In spite of your past activities, the calling upon your life has been reassured and validated by His word that was previously laid into your heart, at an early age.  To further validate Christ's love for you and His ownership of your life,  Satan is yet an accuser of your past life!  Therefore, Satan would not attack you if he already possesses you.  A third witness is that God offered you mercy [compassion] and His unfailing grace [as if you never sinned].  Yet it is true, we have all sinned and come short of his glory but His grace upholds us far above any kind of passed sins! 

Fight the good fight of faith with this ammunition! 

Mercy and Grace to you!

- Apostle Leon Brown